Shorashim is a musical project initiated by vocalist Magda Fishman and pianist Yuval Cohen. Our goal is to bring people closer to Israel through music, and teach about its tradition through the joy of singing.

Natives of Israel, Magda and Yuval grew up hearing these songs: songs about the land of Israel and songs about the people of Israel. Today, as professional musicians in New York, they go back to their own Shorashim (roots) and take their audiences along with them.

The roots of Israel are mingled around the world, just like the music of Israel. Every new Alia brought with them different heritage, food and music. In the melting pot of Jews who came to Israel from the Diaspora, traditional music and new music were blending and created fascinating sounds.

Magda and Yuval, joined by additional Israeli musicians, present a captivating show of song, story, sing-along and joy.